Come join me for a 10 week 1:1 program to refine and redefine your offerings as a Teacher.

As I've grown over the years throughout my teaching I have always wanted someone to give me feedback and help me grow as a teacher. When I did my 500hr teacher training/apprenticeship with Noah Maze, and apprenticeship with Sara Strother I quickly learned how important it is to dive deeper into the practice on an individual level and address what made me feel authentic as a teacher. I also realized how important it is to have an outside perspective to spend time working on my individual needs.

In teacher training you learn as a group and it’s very rare that you receive one on one attention. What this personal attention allowed me to see was what I needed to work on in order to provide the experience I wanted students to receive. I was also able to set the pace for my learning process by focusing on what I wanted to bring into the classroom.

This 10 week course is for any teacher who has been in my position. Maybe you are feeling stale in your teaching? Maybe you are looking for inspiration? It could also be that you just want honest feedback. This program is an opportunity to explore the depths of your teaching. 

This course will include but not be limited to

  • Sequencing, Adjustments, Modifications

  • Asana

  • Pranayama

  • Anatomy

  • One Private Lesson

  • Discussion on Private Lessons

  • Discussion on Retreats & Workshops


During this 10 week program we will meet at your own pace depending on your schedule. I will be able to work around your schedule and adjust my schedule to accommodate. This course does not need to be completed in 10 consecutive weeks if you choose to space it out. For example every other week could be an option or every 2 weeks etc.

Each time we meet will be anywhere from 90mins-2hrs. 

The first time we meet we will work to develop a learning/teacher contract. Through this contract we will discuss what you are hoping to get out of this experience and discuss any questions you want to address. This is the time for you to discuss anything and everything you want me to know about your teaching or questions you have regarding teaching and/or asana. We will also use this time to go over scheduling.

  1. Basic anatomy and alignment will be covered each week. During our sessions we take a look at a specific region in the body and develop sequences around that body region. Ex) Week 1 the spine

  2. During the course I will provide you with pose research sheets and detailed homework to complete and hand in. Once completed I will go over with you.

  3. I will come take one of your classes as a student so I can see you in your element and understand your teaching style. After the class we will go over your sequence and I will give you honest feedback of the class.

  4. Each time we meet we go over sequencing techniques for focus pose classes, peak pose classes, and a general ‘potpourri’ class. We will also go over the use of props and their importance.

  5. Towards the end of the course I will attend your class again and have you teach one of the sequences we have made together. In this process I will be able to notice any filler words, body language, your presence in the room, and interaction with the students, see how the sequence pans out in a class setting.

  6. When the course is over I will have you teach a class to the public at my private studio in Wicker Park.


    Time must be carved out weekly for non-contact hours to complete assignments, and cultivate a home practice.


$825 Paid in Full

$150 Deposit to Secure you spot!

Payment Plan Option (Other plans can be arranged)
Payment 1: $275
Payment 2: $275
Payment 3: $125

All $150 deposits are nonrefundable. Personal checks, cash, and venmo are all acceptable forms of payment. There will be no refunds once we begin. 


Light On Yoga by BKS Iyengar
Yoga Body by Judith Lasater




Contact yogabychristina@gmail.com